Welcome to Elmotmiz for Herbs Company

Elmotmiz for Herbs is a newly established company in 2007 aiming to build a good reputation in the field of exporting all kinds of organic and non-organic Egyptian dried seeds, herbs, and some dehydrated vegetables.
Before establishing Elmotmiz for Herbs we have been working as a supplier of all kinds of organic and non-organic dried seeds and herbs from our own farms in El-Fayoum city to most of the big companies in this field in Egypt.

Products Of Elmotmiz for Herbs For Export


Camomile - Hibiscus - Lemongrass - Calendula - Spearmint - Peppermint - Basil - Rosemary - Senna - Thyme - Mloukhieh - Parsley - Dill - Marjoram - Henna


Coriander - Anise - Sesame - Fenugreek - Caraway - Nigella Sativa - Fennel - Frik - Flax - Vigna Beans - Chickpeas - Soybean - Dill - Celery - White Beans